Why this when there are other problems?

There are so many important causes that need attention in the world, but it’s not a competition.

This one happens to be very direct, since we have control over how we treat people in our everyday lives, and we can influence our workplaces and communities in little and big ways. Additionally, being more inclusive doesn’t always take more time – a lot of the time it’s about how we do something, not what we additionally have to do. Speaking honestly, however, sometimes being inclusive does take more time, but it’s worth it.

Identity politics only seem abstract to those who don’t have to deal with them every day. We have the opportunity every day to be a more inclusive person and live with more integrity. It's clear from the underrepresentation of POC and women in positions of power that inequity is at play. Research and many different studies help us piece together the many obstacles creating this inequity.

I could simply cash in on the benefits I’ve received from being born into a middle-class, white, male family (and working hard too), knowing that my path to success is not available to those who don’t look like me, or I could do something to make the world more fair.

Changing behavior and modes of work isn’t just acting with integrity, in most cases, increasing diversity and inclusion makes sense from a business standpoint. One leader of a large consulting firm put it this way: “It makes sense to really get the most out of everybody in your business, if minorities and women are leaving or have stagnating talent, that’s a loss for our company”. Billions of dollars are spent on hiring, developing, and retaining great employees. Increasing those factors increases the economic output of your company.