Male ally and WIB mixers

Brief high-level description

Social events between women in the Women in Business Club and men in the allyship club. It could be purely social; targeted towards promoting dialogue between men and women; a skillshare; or used as brainstorming session around the allyship club direction. A nice touch is having the men plan and prepare the event, take care of food/cooking, and do other logistics – while also getting input about what kind of event the women would like.


  • Increase cohesion between these two groups

  • (Potentially) engage in brainstorming

  • (Potentially) learn new skills via skillshare

Theory of Change:

  • More informal connections between the Women in Business club and the allyship club will help to strengthen both programs and make sure the allyship program is in alignment with the wishes of the Women in Business club.


  • Set Date (and overall prep time):

    • Because this is informal, meeting at a classmate’s house is probably the most likely option, which is easy to schedule

    • Doing this at the beginning of a term maximizes the value – connections established at this gathering can then be deepened throughout the rest of the bschool experience

  • Costs: Food

  • Target / likely audience: Men in the allyship club

  • Participation Size / Location / Room Capacity / Rain plan: Host the event at someone’s house or a nearby park for a barbeque. Make sure to have a rain plan!

  • A/V needs: You may want a projector to show slides or photographs, or to give a brief intro on WIB and the Allyship club – upcoming programs, events, mission statements, history

  • Other materials / resources needed: Handouts on programs, events, info

  • Food: You can consolidate food into one meal-planner, or have it be potluck style. It can be nice to have the men in charge of making sure all the food happens – the women can just show up and eat and socialize.

  • Recruitment:

  • Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Male Allyship club lead – Give a rundown of allyship club basics, programs, and events

    • Program lead – 

      • Coordinate food, location, logistics

      • Promote event to WIB and Allyship club members

      • Create agenda for event based on desires of WIB members (e.g. do they want to learn more about what the allyship club is working on? What the planned events are like?)

      • Maintain accurate RSVP list

      • Give brief introduction/welcome during event

    • Food lead – For potluck: set up potluck google spreadsheet for what men should bring and bring the main dish for the potluck; for centralized food prep: plan the menu, buy the food, cook! Don’t forget the plates, utensils, cups, napkins, etc