Allyship Lead, Program Leads, and Board descriptions

Allyship group lead

  • Coordinates programming and communications with Partner Group board
  • Ensures planning for programs and events happens in a timely fashion
  • Recruits others to take on leadership roles (i.e. Program Lead)
  • Supports and provides accountability to Program Leads
  • Ensures evaluation of program overall as well as specific programs and events
  • Recruits multiple potential successors
  • Transitions program duties, documents, and key relationships to successor
  • Acts as point person and representative to community members, external groups, and media

Program leads

Check out Event and Programs for specific descriptions

Allyship board seats

Some allyship groups have entire boards or committees that help primarily with planning or primarily with recruitment/communication. 

Board/committees for planning

These committees are primarily made up of club leadership and active members: the Program Leads, the ones hosting events, and the ones facilitating conversations. Each person has their own specific allyship duties separate from meeting as the planning committee. Generally the planning committee does the following:

  • Coordinates events and programming to avoid overlap
  • Brainstorms new programs, strategies for recruitment, and overall program design
  • Strategizes on priorities for where to allocate resources

Products from these planning meetings are then taken to the Partner Group to further discuss possibilities for implementation.

Board/committees for recruitment and communication

These committees are primarily made up of leaders from other groups – Finance, Black Business Student Association, LGBT, Consulting, Student Government, etc. These leaders from other campus groups can then better communicate to their own members about allyship messages and events.

  • Communicate messages, events, and programs to groups and clubs you're a part of
  • Participate in __ number of allyship events per term
  • Read the allyship newsletter
  • Attend a 3 hour orientation session in the beginning of the academic year