Choosing Events and Programming

Picking an event and program portfolio

Spend some time picking a good balance of programs and events. Different factors to consider include:

  • Target audience – Antagonists? Cautiously receptive? Committed advocate?
  • Depth – One-on-one conversation? Speaker in a large auditorium? 
  • Frequency – ​Weekly email? Monthly commitment reminder? Monthly lunch? Speaker annually?
  • Time and Resources required to produce – Sign folks up for the mbaallies newsletter? Plan and coordinate the #metoo experience share
  • Conceptual understanding vs personal investment vs practice time – Allyship guide? Fishbowl conversation? Scenario and role play?

Get your classmates signed up for the MBAallies weekly allyship email 

A lot of content can be taught through 50-100 emails spread out over the 18-months at business school, and this content is ready to go. You can forward them this link to sign up:

Using the weekly email, you'll have consistency with programming and can build from there with more in-depth and high-touch events and programs. Check out our Events and Programs page to see a variety of options and choose a good balance. Align your event and program portfolio with your goals.