Women and men are just biologically different

There clearly are genetic and biological differences between men and women. There’s no evidence to suggest that those differences make women less capable than men of succeeding in the workplace. It’s close to impossible to prove that biology causes certain behaviors. It’s much easier to show the significant influence of culture and conditioning on people over the course of their lives, from birth to death. It’s also easy to look back a few decades in US history and clearly see how previous arguments of the inferiority of women and POC were based on flawed ideas of biology and genetic pseudo-science.

It’s certainly possible that the differing amount of hormones in female and male bodies affect behavior, often with aggression pointed to as an advantage for men. The science of whether testosterone causes more aggression is unclear, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that men having higher amounts of testosterone makes them more aggressive. This might be helpful in today’s current corporate structure currently, but it's easy to imagine a company in which aggression was not valued could be much more successful.