Why isn’t there a Men in Business club?

All people, including men, face lots of hardship in life and succeeding in a career takes hard work, struggle, and diligence. But men rarely (if ever) face challenges advancing in their careers because of being male. Men have not been discriminated against historically (quite the opposite). Our cultural unconscious bias leads us to perceive men as leaders (not that all men look like leaders, only that being male does not subtract). Men dominant most workplaces, companies, industries, and institutions. Women in Business clubs offer resources to women because face many challenges that men do not, and providing help makes the playing field more level.

A group of men may be able to discuss shared experiences and enjoy a kind of camaraderie in male-only groups, but groups of people who share dominant identities getting together to support themselves only reinforces unequal power dynamics. In practice, many senior leadership teams and boards already are Men in Business clubs, and that’s partly why those groups end up with the same demographics generation after generation.