Casual Lunch or Drinks


Participants discuss current events, community dynamics, and hot topics over lunch or drinks


  • Establish visibility with accessible event that's easy to host
  • Foster conversation – actionable items and reflection
  • Build a sense of community
  • Create learning space for all participants

Theory of Change

  • This is one item in a suite of items to establish visibility early on in an academic year and maintain engagement throughout the year
  • An event that's easy to attend (low barrier to entry) helps get men who otherwise wouldn't come to a D&I event
  • Small group discussions encourage and allow participants (men and women) to be more open about their experiences and perspectives


Costs and food

  • Food and drinks

Target / likely audience

You’ll most likely get enthusiastic men who are hoping to have more honest/open conversations and people who are attracted to the food. The non-male participants are usually ones open to sharing their stories and perspectives with the all/mostly male groups

Location / Participation Size

  • Nice to have a big open space such as as courtyard
  • Book a smaller room. This centralizes where to initially meet. From here you hand out food and conversation topics. People can then find a space and discuss in smaller groups.
  • Rain plan: book an indoor space or know where participants could form small groups

A/V Needs


Roles and responsibilities

  • Program Lead. Ensure coordination with WIB group. Ensure coordination with administration who are in charge of event space.
  • Table facilitators (optional). Have more knowledgable people spread themselves out amongst the different groups so they can push the conversation forward and get practice speaking about diversity.
  • Female participants (hopefully). Make sure to invite and encourage non-males to attend this event to provide their important perspectives.

Agenda / Program

Previous current event topics include: James Damore's anti-diversity essay; Black Lives Matter; Uber's consistent D&I failures; #metoo movement

Tips and pitfalls

Last minute cancellations or no-shows always happen, but ordering less food is rarely a good idea.


Before term begins

  • Speak with Partner Group, other club leaders, and administration to coordinate between this type of event and any other on-campus/mid-day events to prevent over saturation

Two weeks prior to event

  • Know what kind of food you’re going to be buying
  • Finalize your table questions/topics, this can be printed day of so there’s flexibility if a major topic arises
  • Start online messaging and marketing to club members and possible participants
  • Create way to receive RSVPs (google form)
  • Create calendar invite for event and add people as they RSVP

1 day prior

  • Pre-order food and get tableware, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, etc.
  • Print copies of the questions and topics

Event day prep

  • Receive food and setup up food area
  • Set up at tables and hold table space for event


<> Social Media Post <>

Hi All – we're hosting an Allyship Lunch this [date; time] in the outdoor [outdoor location] (if bad weather, I'll send out a new location).

We'll provide food. We'll discuss how to make [your community] a more inclusive community. Everyone is invited. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please "Like" this post and we'll send you a calendar invite. RSVPing helps us order the right amount of food.