Cohort allyship representatives


Choose an allyship rep in each cohort who will take on allyship responsibilities within their cohort.


  • Communicate out allyship group priorities
  • Point person can better communicate with audience
  • Have a trusted conduit to reach incoming class
  • Train and vet future club leadership

Theory of Change

  • Best way to reach new people is through someone they already know
  • Organizational functioning requires identifying leaders quickly
  • Distributing info and getting sign-ups early is key to program success


Costs and food

Buy reps dinner once a month to discuss engagement and activities

Other resources needed

  • Cohort rep job description
  • Rep nomination process
  • Rep application and selection process

Roles and responsibilities

  • Program lead. Ensure program timeline is mapped out and communications ready to go far ahead of beginning of academic year. Ensure selection process is communicated out in a timely fashion. Ensure reps are selected in each cohort. Ensure reps do their duties. 
  • Cohort Rep
    • Identify and reach out to likely members
    • Update cohort on allyship club programming​
    • Get cohort membership and newsletter subscriptions​
    • Recruit people to events
    • Distribute resources
    • Strategize with allyship group leadership and fellow reps on new initiatives and partnerships
    • Learn about allyship group operations and prepare to become leadership next year

Agenda / Program

Allyship reps should be nominated by women, with close attention paid to those nominated by women of color, LGBT, etc.

Once nominated, candidates submit a short application outlining their background and interest.

  • Reps should have foundational understanding of identity, privilege, D&I, and identity
  • Ideal reps have social capital
  • Reps should be willing to commit 60-90 minutes per week for duties
  • WIB board should run selection process (allyship group leadership can provide input)​
  • Once nominated, nominees must submit an application
  • Selection can also be done as part of cohort elections

Tips and pitfalls

  • Started right away while. Cement this program as a school institution in the minds of incoming students.
  • Follow through. It's easy for Reps to drop off when they get busy. You don't need to overload them with allyship duties, but make sure they're doing what they said they would do.


Prep Time

Take some time to modify these resources to most effectively align with your culture. Ideally you'd get this in place before summer internship begins, but definitely before orientation week.

Club membership and WIB/affinity groups should be engaged in the communication of this role to increase the awareness and visibility of it.

  • Pre-summer. Finalize process and supporting documents (job description/duties, communications, selection process write-up)
  • Orientation week. Announce position and how to get more info on it
  • Club fair. Announce position and info
  • 2-3 weeks into term. Gather nominations and nominee applications
  • 3-4 weeks into term. Cohort reps
  • After reps picked. Duties
  • Near end of term (before everyone leaves). Send rep evaluation to cohorts