Men participating in Lean In discussions

Brief high-level description

A common event that WIB clubs put on are lean in circles. Occasionally, some WIB groups will invite men to participate in these circles, though often only 1 or 2 men for a circle of 10 or so women.


Allow men to deepen their understanding of women’s experiences by listening to women have a mostly-uncensored conversation about their experiences

Theory of Change

Listening to women speak about their experiences will allow men to become more aware of experiences they don’t have, develop empathy for others, and introduce even more complexity and nuance into how they think about identity and power dynamics (i.e. women will have different experiences and perspectives and will speak to each other in greater depth than they would with most men)

Making it work

Check with WIB leaders to see if something like this would make sense. If they’d rather keep these women only, respect the decision.

The manbassador lunch regarding the Uber situation was extremely helpful to understand different perspectives for the same issue.

Raises awareness on a very important issue that is how women are treated in some environments

I loved the manbassador lunch held after the tell-all blog post about Uber's gender discrimination policies was reached. It created a safe forum in which I could hear from classmates how this was not an anomaly and how our classmates have been subjected to similar abuses and injustices. It was such a power moment in highlighting the importance in having these discussions and recognizing we don't live in a post-gender world.

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on well

It encourages all men, whether they are officially members or not, to reflect on how they interact with one another and the behaviors they normalize. It helps eliminate the "boys will be boys" and "locker room talk" excuses we see so often rationalized.