Short weekly email

A lot of content can be taught through 50-100 emails spread out over the 18-months at business school, and our content is ready to go. You can forward them this link to signup:


Very short weekly emails with topics related to diversity, inclusion, and allyship


  • Educate on a foundational set of topics that will prepare men to be inclusive leaders over the two year MBA period, and in their future careers
  • Provide further education materials via articles, videos, links, etc
  • Provide useful tools and action items
  • Generate conversation amongst colleagues who receive the email at the same time
  • Create emotional connections from hearing about female colleagues’ experiences.

Theory of Change

  • People will gain understanding and ideas for action through the consistent and small nudges (the weekly email).
  • People will change their behavior in the workplace and for the rest of their lives.
  • With a foundational base, people will be better equipped to continue learning on their own
  • Subscribers can also share these emails with others
  • This email list can continue on after bschool to keep them uptodate and interested in inclusive leadership


Costs and food

None. Get a free newsletter app like mailchimp

Target / likely audience

Get ALL the men in your class signed up. It’s designed to be short and “snackable”.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Program lead
    • Create weekly emails with content
    • Ensure weekly email goes out
    • Ensure evaluations take place and review data to improve programming

Agenda / Program

Tips and pitfalls

  • Many allyship clubs make plans to send a curricular newsletter, but almost none do. Get your people signed up for my newsletter that does this!
  • Many women find the content just as useful as men do. Though many women have experienced bias, discrimination, harassment, and assault in the workplace, most have not done extensive reading about it.
  • Feedback suggests that the ratio of "positive" stories to "negative" stories should be about 3 to 1. "Positive" means the story provides a good example of an what to do. Getting further from the 3:1 ratio means more men getting defensive. You can argue that they shouldn't get defensive, but the fact is they do.


Before Term

  • Create all weekly emails for upcoming term… have these done before the term starts.

Term starts

  • Begin getting everyone (of all genders) signed up

4-6 weeks into term

  • Send initial, short evaluation to get immediate feedback about the program

1-2 weeks before term ends

  • Send longer evaluation (but before everyone has gone off for the end of the term)


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Join a very short weekly email that covers foundational aspects of inclusive leadership in the workplace! It's designed by a recent MBA grad specifically for the 21-month bschool experience. Each email has a theme and includes segments related to the theme: a true story of someone's experience in the workplace, a concept or vocabulary word, a suggestion on how to be more inclusive. and a link to evidence based further reading.

Sign up here: [Link]