Overview of program levels


  • Multiple programming events per month
  • Weekly or twice-monthly communication reaches >50% of men
  • Leadership and advisors integrated with other clubs & affinity groups
  • Training and skill-building for leadership and active members
  • Strategy to reach all men with targeted programming


  • Two to three events per term
  • Two to three club leaders; five to fifteen active members; program reaches 20% of men
  • Readily available resources for those who want to learn more
  • Structured transition process including leadership recruitment strategy
  • Consistent communication to members and intermittent participants


  • One event per term
  • Handful of leaders and active members
  • Official recognition from school
  • Clear relationship and accountability to women's group
  • Defined mission statement, goals and metrics, membership 
  • Once-per term communication to active members

Train committed members to be workplace allies

Structure, quality activities, and reflection go a long way

EVents and programming

Club kickoff

Have an inaugural event for your club kicking off the academic year

Small Group Conversations

Small groups discuss gender dynamics, current events, hot topics. 

Scenarios / Role Plays

Participants practice responding to different, real-world scenarios

Guest Speaker

Book a speaker. Could be an expert, a D&I professional, an alumni leader.

Casual Lunch or Drinks

Invite participants to discuss current events and hot topics over lunch or drinks

Panel Discussion

Assemble a panel to speak on a topic and do Q&A with the audience

BEST PRACTICES for organizing

Mission Statement
Perfect your mission statement

Structure Your team
Utilize your team to maximize impact

Define Success
What are you teaching? What are your goals?

Train Advocates
Prepare classmates for workplace allyship

Program Evaluation 
Improve your programming through feedback

Membership Types
Should members pay? What is a member?

Communicating about equity

How would you respond to the following?

  • Women are being oversensitive.
  • What is an ally? Why are you an ally?
  • I get that women face sexism, but the guys here aren't the problem.
  • What can I do as a guy to help?
  • What do women's issues have to do with men?

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